First & Then/Funfetti!

first and then cover.jpg

Title: First & Then

Author: Emma Mills

Series: Standalone

Cupcake: Funfetti & Buttercream

Quick Rating: 5 stars!




The Review:

Exactly what I needed- a light, quick read that takes you back home to high school football and daydreams about those brooding heroes. This one is definitely going on my list of comfort books to read when I’m down.

I’ve seen some reviews bashing First & Then because of the issues it doesn’t go into detail about- Foster’s mom, Marabelle, etc- but I think it’s okay that we don’t get into the gritty details of their messy lives. This isn’t meant to be a serious discussion of the issues that people face- it’s a fun, easy romance, one to sit down and smile at, to enjoy the growth of a few characters and that hometown feel of community even when things get bad. I, for one, was glad there weren’t pages upon pages of the mess. Sometimes, that’s what we need to escape when we read, and that’s why I love books like First and Then. It helps us all to remember that sometimes, it’s not wrong to just take a few hours and relax and not think about all the horrible details and underlying trauma-we can just enjoy the love of football and family.

Overall, I give this one a whole-hearted 5 stars, because this one felt like coming home.

The Cupcake:

f&t funfetti.jpg

Who doesn’t love a good ‘ole funfetti cupcake? Not only does the colorful vanilla match the cover of First & Then,  it also matches the feel of home. You can find the recipe for this simple & delicious cupcake and more (all homemade) on Fresh April Floursso you can enjoy the buttercream frosting melting on your tongue while you read Emma Mills’ light, excellent novel.

Stay tuned for more bookycake collisions!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Yessss, this book. I definitely appreciated that it didn’t get all angsty and painful too, because that is so not what I wanted. Also ADORABLE CUPCAKE.


    1. kayrosela says:

      RIGHT?!?! I just wanted some happiness and it was perfect. And YES the cupcake is so cute!


  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing my cupcakes!


  3. Cynthia says:

    I love the cover of this book!!! perhaps I shall read it…
    (your blog is so prettyyyyyyy)


    1. kayrosela says:

      The inside matches the prettiness of the cover! (And thank you!!!! :D)

      Liked by 1 person

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