Inherit the Stars


Title: Inherit the Stars

Author: Tessa Elwood

Series: Inherit the Stars, book 1

Cupcake: Blue Velvet Galaxy

Quick Rating: 5 stars!






The Review:

I’ll be completely honest- I didn’t remember a lot about this book when I started it (Thanks, NetGalley + Running Press Kids!) and since I hadn’t heard a lot, I didn’t expect much.

All of that was blown away.

The writing was amazing- not in the fantasy-elegant way that we’ve been seeing a lot of, but clean, fast, and engrossing. The characters- oh, my heart. Each one was round, dynamic, and nothing you could call stereotypical. There was good and bad in each of them, and you never could quite tell which was going to take over in any given situation.

Every time I thought the plot was going to veer in a direction that most stories of this kind do, it changed, twirling off into a completely different universe and making me excited and surprised all over again.

I know I’m in the minority here, because a lot of people couldn’t get past the writing style, which was a little disjointed- but that didn’t bother me much. It could have been that I was having a really stressful day and this was the perfect light read, but I like to think that I really did love this book.

Overall: Inherit the Stars is a book that is not for everyone, but it was definitely for me.  I’ve fallen in love with the characters, the universe, and the potential for greatness only hinted at in the first book. The idea of a ‘light science fiction’ is unappealing and unrealistic to some, but for someone who likes lightness and doesn’t like many contemporaries, this one made me happy. Five stars, because it deserves love for the happiness it gave me!

The Cupcake:

inherit blue velvet
Source: Burdened With Glorious Recipes

This galaxy swirl blue velvet cupcake will send your taste buds out of this world! The colorful buttercream frosting ties right in to the intergalactic war that features at the center of Inherit the Stars. Take a bite of the rich cupcake, get your face messy, and enjoy this quick read with your cupcake! You can find the recipe at Burdened With Glorious Recipes!


Stay tuned for more bookycake collisions!


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