Title: Nameless23344415

Author: Jennifer Jenkins

Series: Nameless, book 1

Cupcake: Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Quick Rating: 3 stars






The Review:

I don’t have a lot to say about this book. I think I went into it with too high expectations from the rave reviews I had seen before the release date. I don’t know what changed between the ARC and the finished copy, but I didn’t see the kind of excellence I wanted to. The idea, in and of itself, is great. It’s a different take on a sort of cult life, futuristic fantasy faction land, and I loved the originality of the idea. The execution, however, felt like too much of the author trying to make elements of other popular YA books fit into her novel. The Prim (Hunger Games) little sister in danger situation? Check. The factions that all excel in one field or another, a la Divergent? Check. A love triangle? Check. (But, to be fair, it wasn’t much of one). It saddened me that the execution fell so flat for me, and I wish that even the pacing had been better. There was a lot of talking, talking, talking, each character thinking, feeling guilty, feeling torn, and then all at once a flurry of action that made sense, but with no buildup or anticipation. The world-building was almost nonexistent, so that was really, really depressing. The cliffhanger at the end was good, although abrupt, and I’ll probably at least skim the next book, since it’s only a duology.

Honestly, a week after I finished the book, I couldn’t remember the characters. The girl was Zo, someone whose name started with a G….Gryphon?  I think it was Gryphon. Anyway, they all did a lot of thinking- mostly about how betrayed everyone would be if they knew the truth. It was all so roundabout, and it got tiresome quickly, especially with so much potential for other things. I don’t think I can really say anything more about the characters- just that they all intended to do something selfless, and ended up only seeming self-absorbed. Actions speak louder than words- I think this is a classic case of “telling” writing instead of “showing” writing.

Overall, I thought it was okay, and since I read it in one night, I didn’t really regret that I read it. But it’s not going on my list of favorites.

The Cupcake:

Source:  The Java Cupcake Blog

Isn’t this one GORGEOUS? The dark chocolate cake and raspberry frosting (as well as the raspberry surprise filling inside!) mesh perfectly with the deception of Nameless. You never quite know what’s going on beneath the surface with these characters, I’ll give them that. Just like this cupcake, which you should be eating while you devour Nameless (because even though I gave it a 3-star rating, I did read it in one sitting). You can find the recipe here, on The Java Cupcake Blog, which has the cutest tagline I may have ever seen!

Stay tuned for more BookyCake collisions- Keep Calm and Cupcake on!





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