Six of Crows

23437156Title: Six of Crows

Author: Leigh Bardugo

Series: Six of Crows, book 1

Cupcake: Death by Chocolate

Quick Rating: 5 Stars






The Review:

Wow. Where to even start with Six of Crows. This is one of the only 5-star reads I’ve had this year, and it was so good that I wish I could give it more. Honestly, I don’t even know how to explain my feelings about this book in a short review that won’t just be rambling love.

I love everything about Six of Crows. The characters were flawed, all, and dynamic. Nina and Matthias had the most interesting history, and I couldn’t wait to see more of them with each passing chapter. Nina was my favorite character overall, because she was matter-of-fact, did what she needed to do, and her wit was a bright spot amid some troubled passages. And her thing with Matthias (OH) I cannot wait to see more of. Kaz and Inej were also two very interesting, very dynamic characters, and their histories and unique relationship served the story well- although it may have destroyed my heart when coupled with Nina and Matthias and their troubles. Jesper and Wylan, the other two crew members, were fun and added some levity, but they didn’t seem as fleshed out as the other four.

Although I think many people will see the final twist coming, I didn’t, and I think it was partly because there wasn’t time to stop and think about what was going to happen. Of course, I was filled with foreboding, because nothing can ever end well, but I won’t spoil anything. HOWEVER, I will say that Bardugo did a great job keeping up the pace and had good balance; when it was slower, you were learning so much about the character’s pasts that you were happy for the time to catch your breath.

Overall, I have only good things to say about Six of Crows, and I can’t wait for Crooked Kingdom, the completion of the duology.

The Cupcake:

Source: Divas Can Cook

I cannot even describe to you the difficulty I had figuring out what cupcake could ever measure up to Six of Crows, and I dread writing a review for the sequel in the fall. But finally, I stumbled across this beauty, a gorgeous Death by Chocolate concoction with just the right amount of extras to make it the perfect treat for your reading time. I’m going to explain this one a little more- but you can find the recipe right here, at Divas Can Cook.

Now, there are many elements to this cupcake, each correlating to a different element of Six of Crows- read on if you wish.

  1. Kaz + Inej, the cake: The foundation of this cupcake matches Kaz + Inej, the solid power behind the crew. they are this one element because the cake is infused with coffee, lending it the exact exotic air and bite that Inej adds to Kaz’s leadership., but is still complimentary.
  2. Matthias, the frosting: Because he is just. so. YUMMY. Just kidding. Sort of. This creamy chocolate frosting is cool and a little different, made with sour cream, but still adds to the flavor overall, just like Matthias, who should be the odd one out, adds to the group, even reluctantly.
  3. Jesper, the nuts: Jesper is complimentary but absolutely unique. He’s jumpy and adds a new flavor with the secrets he holds.
  4. Wylan, the chocolate chips: Wylan, the youngest, adds a classic sweetness, unassuming and a little bit normal, but still a fun additional flavor.
  5. Nina, the strawberry: Nina is my favorite, like I’ve said. Her personality is a burst of color in the darkness (and the red berry just happens to match her Heartrender status). She can be sweet, and adds a level of decadence to the novel, and she’s unashamed, just being herself without some hidden agenda.

There you have it. All the elements, combining to make a delicious treat- and I’m talking about the novel AND the cupcake.

Enjoy, and come back Friday for another bookycake collision!



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  1. Pinnatifid says:

    Love this post! Now I need to read this 😀


    1. kayrosela says:

      Thanks! You totally should- it’s AMAZING.

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