The Beautiful Pretender

25891581Title: The Beautiful Pretender

Author: Melanie Dickerson

Series: Thornbeck, #2

Cupcake: Vanilla Almond Maraschino Cherry

Quick Rating: 3 stars






The Review:

Hm. Okay. This was a nice book. Kind of lowkey and chill, with some problems and some good spots. The number 1 thing about it was that it was waaaaay better than the first book of the series, Huntress of Thornbeck Forest. That book…ugh. I barely made it through that one. This one, however, a combo of The Princess and the Pea and Beauty and the Beast (and Jane Eyre, just a little), really interested me from the start. I love non-magical retellings of fairy tales- they seem to require so much more detail from the authors, and so much more feeling. I’ll admit, this one fell just a little bit short for me, though.

Lord Thornbeck, though- WHAT A DELICIOUS CUPCAKE. He reminded me of Mr. Darcy in all the right ways– dark, stoic, bound by duty, and an all-around excellent man with a few pronounced flaws. He was excellent.

Avelina wasn’t my favorite, and felt sort of pale in comparison. The rest of the characters were just what I expect from a Dickerson novel: a little bit token, a little bit invisible, with a few notable scenes that still don’t really flesh them out.

I did like the turn this took at the end, and even though everything felt a little bit flat, even the action, I was pleased with the little plot twist. Of course, I read this one immediately coming off of Six of Crows, and that meant that any book would be bland and shallow in comparison to NINA AND MATTHIAS, MY LOVES. 

In any event, overall I liked this one. It was one of Dickerson’s stronger novels (my personal favorite is The Captive Maiden) and was nice for a short, clean, relaxing read. Dickerson always delivers fast, easy novels that you can read anytime, anywhere, but unfortunately her characters and her writing don’t do quite enough to support the plot. Three stars, because I liked it, but every aspect just fell a little bit too short.

The Cupcake:

Source: Your Cup of Cake

Avelina loves cherry anything- tarts, cakes, pastries of any sort. So naturally, I had to choose a cherry-themed treat! These almond maraschino cherry cupcakes are sweet and look oh-so-tasty, and their lightness perfectly matches the sweet fluff of The Beautiful Pretender. You can find the recipe and bake them for yourself at Your Cup of Cake!

Keep calm and cupcake on! And be sure to follow me for updates on Bookycake collisions!


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