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Let’s talk. Let’s ‘get real.’ Let…me voice my (unpopular?) opinion right here.

Love triangles.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘This is so overdone.’ ‘Will everyone just leave it alone?’ ‘I don’t want to read another post about how passionate people are about this. Just don’t read the book!’

Hopefully, this won’t be like those other posts. My opinion has chilled a little bit since the last time I thought about this.

I don’t even know how to write about this. Where to start?

Let me start with this: My official position on love triangles is that I don’t like them and I don’t think I ever will.

How predictable and closed-minded of you, Mikayla.

Okay, but here’s the deal: I like rooting for one guy/girl. I like fluff. Even without fluff, it’s too easy for love triangles to take over the entire plot and overwhelm the characters with ’emotional baggage.’

People don’t always end up with the first person they fall in love with.

You’re exactly right. But herein lies my problem. I DON’T READ BOOKS FOR REALITY. I could care less whether most people on Earth fall in love 18,402 times before they meet THE ONE. I don’t have time for that in my 350 page book. I have time for one well-developed, true romance that is going to make me feel all the feels and is going to have to (more than likely) rebuild after the climax of conflict hits.  This is not real life.

But people want books they can relate to!

  1. I read YA.
  2. I have my doubts that a 16-18 year old (male or female) has multiple romantic interests that WILL DIE FOR YOUR LOVE. I’ve never met one.
  3.  Even if they do, I would hate that person if I met them in my life and they said to me, ‘oh, yeah, I have two people interested in me, but I’m just going to keep both of them on the line and see who wants me more.’ WHAT A JERK. Don’t tell me you would admire that person for dragging two innocent victims through the dirt while they figure out their feelings. (So, I guess I do want it to be a little bit realistic. But only so people aren’t jerks.)

Those aren’t the only kinds of love triangles.

You’re totally right. But let’s think about one other example (hypothetically).

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy OR girl gets taken to a horrible place for some reason. Horrible place is run by suave, super super hot person who, OMG, takes a romantic interest in the prisoner or student or whatever lowly position boy/girl is in at the moment. OH WHAT’S THAT? You told the other person you wouldn’t forget them, you would be true, but HEY NOW this other super hot person likes me so even though they’re probably evil I’m going to let them do whatever. First love reenters plot and WHAMMO. Love triangle.

Now, that’s a pretty lame retelling of what has become a common trope, but I can’t stand it. Are you so dumb that just because a person is attractive and chill you’re going to ignore all your previous super-strong emotions? A SANE PERSON WOULD NOT. This is ESPECIALLY frustrating in sequels, when there has been a solid relationship for 500 pages and suddenly, for no reason, the MC is over it. So those books just leave me with the impression that the main character is a complete moron and should NOT be trusted.

What’s worse? That’s a best-case scenario. Sometimes it’s just that a random hot person enters and smiles and all else is forgotten.

Basically, I think those people are idiots and should not be trusted. Their loyalties are weak, their emotions are unbalanced, and they need to get a grip.

You’re getting really upset about this. You need to chill.

Yeah, probably. I’m not done, though. As Hamilton would say, “One more thing…” and everyone else is going to tell me to shut up. But here it is.

When you kill off a corner of the triangle to resolve the plot, that’s a cheap copout.

Now, MC doesn’t have to choose. He/She can run into the other corner’s arms for comfort and all is well and MC doesn’t have to make choices. MC doesn’t have to live with the results of those choices. And the funny thing? THE OTHER CORNER IS HAPPY TO DO IT. There’s rarely any lasting remorse for the loss of corner 1, just elation that they’re the chosen one.

Well, they should tell the MC to…well, I’m just going to say do something not very nice.

Because now, Corner 2 is going to have to live with the realization that maybe they weren’t going to be the one! Maybe they wouldn’t be the chosen one, except the other guy is DEAD so yay! They win! It’s sickening.

You got very heated there. Can you be done?

Yes. I can, because this post needs to go up today. I don’t want to bash any books that have love triangles specifically, because that’s a jerk move. But I don’t want to read them. Most of the time, if there’s even a hint of a love triangle, I’ll put the book down and I’m not picking it back up again.

Maybe you love love triangles. But personally, I think true love is a line. I don’t think real love is susceptible to an outside force. If that happens, it must not be love. Call me a hopeless romantic, that’s fine. But I like my HEA, and I don’t have to read books that tear up my chances of that and put me through emotional torment.

Sorry if that wasn’t super cohesive, but I haven’t read any books this week and figured I’d try a discussion post. But hey! If you like love triangles, don’t be afraid to comment! I know my opinion is different from a lot of others’, and it’s a discussion for a reason. I really won’t bite you. This is all just heated internal discussion with myself you just read 😀




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  1. Pinnatifid says:

    Love your post, as always! And, I’m so with you on this one!

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  2. kayrosela says:

    Thanks!!! Glad I’m not alone haha

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