Hold Me Like A Breath

18584521Title: Hold Me Like a Breath

Author: Tiffany Schmidt

Series: Once Upon a Crime Family, book 1

Cupcake:Β  Wild Flower Honey

Quick Rating: 2 stars






The Review:

As promised in the review for book 2, here’s book 1’s travesty of a review.

So, here’s the deal: I loved this book so hard until the last 30 pages or so. And when I got to those last pages, I hated so hard that I just can’t write a review, because the whole thing will be a rant about how much I hate a particular person whom I shall not name so you all don’t have a spoiler. My problem is that I got VERY attached to some early characters who were involved in some VERY crazy plot twists that basically ruined my life and covered me in emotional trauma scars. So there’s that. But most of the book was awesome, and the writing was really good, I just can’t get past that ending. And the love triangle- GOSH, THE LOVE TRIANGLE. I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES. So there’s that. And now I want to rant some more, but I don’t want to do that to you all, so we’re moving on.

Revisiting this review, it’s very emotional. This book was actually really good, and even though I hate love triangles, this one wasn’t done badly. Also, I don’t remember what happened in those last 30 pages and I just got approved for Break Me Like A Promise, which is about Magnolia and getting past (view spoiler) and I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE THAT.

Obviously I could not handle that. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I also have to point out that I did not like this book for the MC. In fact, I thought she was irritating at times, unbelievably naive, and desperate to get out of a life that was not too shabby. I don’t like the ‘I just want to be normal!’ trope. This could have been an amazing book about a fragile person who learns to be strong and stand out and contradict the way everyone underestimates her.

Nope. ‘I just want a normal life I hate you all Let me go You’re the worst I’M TRAPPED.’

This book gets 2 stars because I loved the boys. Except one by the name of Char. *steams with anger*

Anyway. This one wasn’t good. The second one was okay. Hopefully, if there’s a third, it’ll be AMAZING.

But I’m not holding my breath. (*ba dum che*)

The Cupcake:


Lauren Kapeluck for TheCakeBlog.com

Penny is fragile. That’s the way she’s described, and that doesn’t really change. So what better cupcake than one related to wildflowers? This is a pretty cupcake, one that looks like you could put a dent in, but it looks DELICIOUS. Just like the cover of HMLAB. I’m sure it’s more satisfying, too. You can find the recipe here at The Cake Blog.


Keep calm and keep on cupcakin’!










4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shealea says:

    Can I just talk about how pretty your blog is and how adorable the format of your reviews is? I love the cupcake idea! I think it’s fresh, original and wonderfully quirky. 😊 Anyway, it sucks that the sequel didn’t work out for you. Still, I was amused by your review. 😊


    1. kayrosela says:

      Aww! Thank you so much! It’s a lot of fun to put together. I was sad about the sequel, but I fully intend to pick up any new book that Tiffany writes! Her writing is great- it was just the content for me on these ones.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shealea says:

        Oh, I see. What books of hers would you recommend? 😊


  2. kayrosela says:

    Oh, I was talking about future books 😁 I think she’s only got three. The two I reviewed (which honestly I will still recommend to other people, I just have no emotional control haha) and the other one is called Bright Before Sunrise, which I haven’t had a chance to read more than an excerpt of, but it’s high on my TBR list! I really do love her writing, but the paaaaain in these too was just too much for me at the moment.


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