Everything That Makes You

21795576Title: Everything That Makes You

Author: Moriah McStay

Series: Standalone

Publication Date: March 17, 2015

Cupcake: Cherry/Devil’s Food Half+Half

Rating: 5 stars


The Review:

Surprise! Another 5-star review from yours truly, this one taken from my personal archives (aka goodreads or possibly my past site, BOOKMARKS. But really, I still think about this book all the time, so it’s totally cool.

Everyone needs to read this book. Everyone, everywhere, in every world who has ever made a choice needs to read this book. We’ve all finished a book and wondered what the character’s life would have been like if it had never happened- what if she didn’t go to the coffee shop that night? What if he got injured and didn’t go to that college? Et cetera. This book answers that about its character. Fiona- or Fi, as she’s called in another life- has two different paths, two different universes that show us just how twisted life can be- how no, you won’t always have the same ending.

Fiona is a great character in both her stories. She shows the same basic qualities- strength, loyalty, kindness- to those she cares about, even though those people differ in each story. She’s a dynamic character, and it’s easy to see how the events in both realities shape her life, change her, make her…more. And those events are so huge and so different that there’s really no way to compare them. She climbs these obstacles that seem insurmountable- and her weaknesses are made different as well. Toward the middle of the book, you can see where the two paths come the closest, but while one soars, with Fiona finding herself in the place she’s meant to be, the other plummets, showing us that even those with the most possibilities can still sink to the depths of human despair. And yet, even when her story is at its worst, both girls find a reason to keep going.

Now, the secondary characters. Oh, they’re great. Ryan, the brother. Marcus and Jackson King, the brother-duo that make appearances in both stories for different reasons, at different times. David, the one who sees beyond the scars first, and Trent, the ‘demi-god’. I couldn’t breathe through all the twists and turns in Fi’s relationship with the four of them that weren’t related to her. Romantic and non, each relationship was intricate, perfectly carved, and in Fiona’s story, there is an ENORMOUS shocker that leaves you gasping when it comes to the Kings. There were, in fact, two different endings (in fact, you might call them beginnings) for each girl, and it was amazing to see how each story intertwined while you knew things about the characters from their other lives that they hadn’t realized themselves.

The only complaint I had (and this is unfixable, because it was just my brain short-circuiting) was that I got kind of confused in the middle of the book. I couldn’t keep track of which Fiona had done what, which college they had chosen, which boy they liked. That’s it. But my oh my, the endings made my heart sing. They were fantastic, and I’ve never had my heart torn between two possibilities and had BOTH of them come true! It just amazed me. I love this book. So much so that even though it stomped on my heart a couple times, I want to read it again. Right now. And forever.

Obviously you all should read it right now and then tell me what you thought.

The Cupcake:

Source: Lady Behind the Curtain

This yummy devil’s food and cherry half and half cupcake is the perfect answer to your double-reading needs. It serves two tastes and like ETMY, it blends together perfectly. You can find the recipe at Lady Behind the Curtain.


Stay hip, friends! And stay tuned for more bookycake collisions!




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