Bone Gap


Title: Bone Gap

Author: Laura Ruby

Series: Standalone

Publication Date: March 3, 2015

Cupcake: Honey Lavender

Quick Rating: 5 stars


The Review:

My original review for this book is over 1000 words long, so I’m going to attempt to cut it down a little bit. But you can find my long review at my old site, BOOKMARKS (although that review is just a teensy bit spoilery).

Bone Gap is the kind of book that doesn’t release any of the answers to your many questions until far, far into the novel. All through the novel you’re left with question after question, building and building until you can hardly stand the anticipation and the wondering. The plot has a sort of melancholy feel about slow, lazy, with the feeling that you don’t really know what’s lurking beneath the surface of the sleepy little town. Bone Gap is like that, delightfully creepy, nerve-wracking in the best sort of way because the danger could come from any direction, from any of these happy town people working away at their respective jobs.

You’ll adore it for the rich, vibrant writing and the promise of a thrilling conclusion. Peppered with POV changes and flashbacks, this novel made me swoon with all the detailed history, the well-placed humor just when you think you’re going to drown in the honey molasses melancholy that surrounds the characters. The final moment of clarity leaves you awe-struck because you never would have guessed.

I love pretty much everyone in this book, and the way their relationships grow and change. And the town changes with them, changing opinions and acting on them almost as one entity (a hivemind, if you will). Laura Ruby makes Finn into someone relatable even with the corn whispering to him, she makes Petey wild and fierce and lovable even with her insecurities and inner demons (figuratively, of course). No one gets annoying in this book (except the Rude boys) which is a miracle in itself. It seems like at some point in most books the main character becomes so frustrating and irritating that you can’t help shaking the book as if you can knock some sense into them, but not Bone Gap. There was never a moment when I wanted to skip over dialogue or inner feelings, and I’m so, so happy about that.

Even the villain in this story is so amazingly crafted- a mystery inside an enigma, blurred to the point of terrifying normalcy, never quite in view but always there, invading homes and lives and worlds. He crosses the line between fantasy and reality, jumps between worlds to enter your waking nightmares. And that’s all I’m going to say about him, because any more would make it less fun for you.

Sean and Roza, though. I could write 1000 more words about how much I love them, but I think you all should just pick up Bone Gap and find out for yourselves. I’m reading it right now for the 4th time, and it’s still as beautiful– and audiobook people? The audio is magical too.

I feel like I shouldn’t talk about this book any more, lest I give something away. All I can emphasize is how much I loved it.  10 of 5 stars, okay? Bone Gap is what every person should read to understand what the YA genre is about- it’s raw, it’s real, it’s magic in a place where magic doesn’t seem to exist, with unforgettable characters that reach in and grab your heart before you can put up any walls. It’s seeing the same world from different eyes, and that’s something we should all be aware of. We all belong to this world, and we shouldn’t step on anyone else because they see it differently than we do. Maybe the way they see it is going to save someone someday.

The Cupcake:

Source: Huffington Post

This honey lavender concoction from Jessie Roberts on Huffington Post are the perfect cupcake for our novel today. Two soft flavors blending into something unique, something unbelievable, and leaving you wanting more! The honey cream cheese frosting fits snugly against Petey’s love for her bees, and the lavender infusion in the cake holds tight to Roza’s love of working in her garden.

Please, please read this book, everyone. You’ll love it, I’m sure, and I want more people to talk about it with!


Thanks for reading, and keep on cupcakin’! Don’t forget to follow!


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