Title: Starflight

Author: Melissa Landers

Series: Starflight, #1

Publication Date: February 2, 2016

Cupcake: Simple Chocolate

Quick Rating:


The Review:

In all honesty, I think this one was too hyped to me. I kept hearing over and over again that it was amazing, such a fun surprise, a wonderful sci-fi thriller…but then it wasn’t a surprise. I went into it expecting amazing things, and nothing really struck me. I didn’t feel a connection with the main characters- in fact, I still don’t like Doran and will 100% take G.S. Cassia and Kane, however, grabbed my attention, and I will continue to hope and pray for that ship to sail forevermore.

I mean, the plot was good. The writing was good. But coming off the high of an Illuminae reread and Gemina? I wasn’t feeling it. That could have been mistake #2, but honestly, the YA industry is soaring with new ideas, and without those new ideas, you can’t grab my attention like you used to when you said there was a new YA sci-fi out.

Of COURSE, I am happy that there is a new, popular YASF in the wild and that it will be releasing a sequel, but I wasn’t super excited about the fact that it wasn’t a monster of amazing wonderfulness after waiting almost 6 months to read it. Since I didn’t get that, I’m a little bitter, but I would still recommend it if you’re looking for a read that’s not super in-depth or complicated or detailed. It’s for the light sci-fi crowd.

So, I liked it, but I wasn’t blown away. Three stars, and I’ll read the next one eventually, but my heart still belongs to Amie Kaufman, Megan Spooner, and Jay Kristoff in the sci-fi genre.

The Cupcake:

Source: Flour Arrangements

These simple chocolate cupcakes are your classic favorites- they’re simple, fun, and lighter than a complicated arrangement of flavors and tastes. This recipe from Flour Arrangements is perfect for Starflight- a fun read that doesn’t take you too far out of the box, but makes you smile all the same.

Keep on cupcakin’, my friends!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate Marie says:

    Aaaaaaand my mouth is literally watering. I don’t know if I have the self control to love this blog haha!

    Starflight is still on my TBR but it makes me nervous how hyped it is.


    1. kayrosela says:

      My suggestion is to go into it NOT thinking it’s going to be this fantastic, amazing science fiction novel. It’s good, but it’s like Alienated was- kind of fluffy and light and not really anything spectacular.


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