Author: Aaron Starmer

Series: Standalone

Publication Date: August 23, 2016

Cupcake: Cranberry Vanilla

Quick Rating: 3 stars


The Review:

I’m a little conflicted. I mean, I clearly enjoyed this book, because I read it in 3 days. But will I read it again? No. Did I understand it? No. Do I wish there were more answers? Yes.

The characters were great. There was a huge array of people, and they all had great personalities. There were times I hated them all, but of course, when they exploded that made me feel a little bad for my attitude. Sometimes. The first 150 pages, right as people were exploding and the world was freaking out, were really great. Un-put-down-able. And then it was like…it got boring. Spontaneous combustion can only get you so far, and the existential crisis of the remaining ones got kind of old. There is a little bit of insta-love, but for once I didn’t mind it because the romance was such a miniscule point in the overall scheme. But it was there.

Toward the end, when everything got really confusing and no one even seemed to be looking for answers, that was when I lost interest. I didn’t care much about anything but finding out why it was happening, and (highlight for spoiler) when everyone decided that they were the “curse” on the town, I was bored and irritated by that.TO NO END.  (end spoiler). So I got frustrated with the angst and the drama, but that could also just be me– I have a hard time reading contemporary novels lately, especially when they get too teenager-y.

And what the heck happened to Special Agent Carla Rosetti?

I think if you like contemporary books that have a unique flavor, you should definitely pick this one up, but it wasn’t quite for me. I give it 3 stars for its new spin on the word spontaneous.

The Cupcake:

Source: The Recipe Rebel

This one should be obvious, guys. We’re all just cupcakes with a little something gooey in the middle. In this cupcake’s case, a yummy cranberry filling. Though you might not want to tell your family that you’re making this to go with a  book about explosions, you definitely want to whip up this great recipe from Ashley at The Recipe Rebel.

Keep on cupcakin’, friends.


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